Screen Time and Children of Gen Alphas, Gen Zs

Paper details:

Media, technology, and screens (whether computers, e-readers, or television) are almost universally present today. What does research say about the effect of MeTS to Alphas and Gen Z children’s learning and development? I will answer the following questions:
-What might we learn from the data related to computers, e-readers, and television use (academic, social, emotional development, etc.)?
-What have been cited as health problems that might occur due to exposure from too much access to screens?
-What have been promoted as possible benefits and concerns about Web 2.0 technologies?

I attached the author guideline and the direction is written in the red highlighted inside the draft, draft, but I need to rewrite it because I lost the references and I wrote it from my memory. I’m not sure about the resource if they are correct.
Citing Sources

When you are citing sources, the citations should be set in numbered format. All the references given in the list of references should be cited in the body of the text. Please set citations in square brackets keeping the below points in mind:

Correct format: [4–6, 9]; [1, 2]
Incorrect format: [4-6,9], [4, 5, 6, 9], [4] [5] [6] [9]; [1–2]

The numbers should be listed in sequential order.

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