Scientific article analysis

Paper details:(Choose any article you want)
Find an article that discusses, and explains the function that carbohydrates, proteins, and sometimes fats have on how good bacteria help to maintain gut health in humans.

The final draft should adhere to the guides outlined within the essay directions. Minimum word length for your essay is 900 words. A large number of points for this essay relate to your summary & critique. Your final draft should include a reference page (number of words not include references).

Scientific article analysis
Each essay must include:

Reference Page (APA format preferred)
Author’s name and describe the author qualifications
Possible sources for articles:
Best Science Sources for Students (Links to an external site.)
Summary of the article – IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Remember to paraphrase, analyze and use your critical analysis.
Write a CRITIQUE of the data, results, and conclusions of the article – Please use your own words.
How could the experiment/study in the article used may be improved? What questions does this create for you?
Answer the following supplemental question:

How does this article relate to my life (diet, illnesses, etc.)?

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