Paper details:

1. You have to read: American Theatre-Ming Chol Lee reading. I am going to upload right now. Then you have to answer the following JOURNAL QUESTIONS: Please do not list the questions, just give the answer to each one. Write one page per reading please.
What is a great take away from this article on MING CHO LEE and what drives design on stage?
2. Read: One Article from HOWLROUND ARTICLES- DESIGN the link:
Design (in a Time of Reckoning) – HowlRound
Choose any article to read and answer the following questions without list the questions, just the answers.
Why did you choose the article you did from Howlround? What did you find to be the focus/major issue of the article? Do you feel you have a sense of this articles relevence to current issues facing the theatre in general? Have you ideas about possible solutions or considerations young theatre makers may make in regards to this issue?

Please read the submitted readings and answer the questions given. Follow the directions by writing one page per reading. If you going to do a paraphrasing or quotation, put the page number and name of the author please.

Let me know any question, please!

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