Saving in the Financial System

Paper details:

1) Suppose you have $5000 to save within the financial system. How would you save this money?

2) Choose where/how you would save this money within the financial system.

3) Discuss which part of the financial system your selection is included in.

4) Why did you choose to save your money in this way? Refer to factors such as risk, interest rates, inflation, etc. to support your response.

You should discuss which part of the financial system you would use (financial markets or financial intermediaries) and what asset you select. Provide a reason why you would choose this option. You can discuss things like risk, interest rates, inflation, etc.

1) Consider the way you would save the $5000. Determine if your choice falls under financial markets or financial intermediaries and why.

2) Provide reasons as to why you made this choice. (For example: interest earned, risk involved, etc.)

You are required to write 8 sentences as your entry and you should have about 175 to 250 words. Proper spelling and grammar is required. The more details you include and the stronger your explanation, the more points you will receive.

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