Deindustrialization as it applies to Ohio history


Answer the question below, using mainly video lectures. . The length of the essay should be approximately 5-6 pages (double space, 12 font, 1 inch margins).


Identify and evaluate the term “deindustrialization” as it applies to Ohio history since the 1930s. What are the origins and initial meanings of the term? What does the Brook Park Ford plant tell us about Ohio’s experience with the benefits and social costs of deindustrialization?


As always, check out the rubric. More generally:

YOUR FIRST TASK: Prove that you watched the videos. You must demonstrate a familiarity with and an understanding of the lectures. The question above asks you to gather material from the videos, choosing examples to prove your point. The question also require you to gather material from more than one lecture. No need to cite the videos. Consider the lectures as a common pool of information. Keep your preparation simple: stick with the lectures.

If you chose to supplement your essay with information from a source other than lecture videos please follow these three guidelines: a) limit other sources to assigned readings. For example, the essay on Carl Stokes in Builders of Ohio addresses the consequences of deindustrialization; b) use readings to supplement, not supplant the videos; c) cite your source.

Overall, your first task is to demonstrate mastery of the material from the videos. Don’t lose sight of that goal.

YOUR SECOND TASK: Identify the term deindustrialization. To identify means to answer basic questions: Who, What, When, Where, How, and Why significant. Where did the is term come from? Who created it? When? What was the term’s original meaning? How have we used the term in the U.S. and, more specifically, applied it to Ohio? Why is this term significant?

YOUR THIRD TASK: Evaluate the term deindustrialization. Was Brook Park good or bad for Ohio? Does Columbus, Cleveland or Akron tell a different story than Brook Park?

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