Role of effective leadership in the process of change management for organisations

Paper details:

My dissertation report will be 10000 words at total, consisting of 5 sections. The first 2 sections (Introduction to the Management Issue/Problem/Opportunity and Critical Review of Literature) are completed and are about 3000 words. I am attaching the completed parts so you can have the full view of the work. I need your help for the rest of the 6600 words which should include the following 3 sections.

Methodological Process : This section should be 2000 words. Can you please use Saunders & Lewis research onion approach here? (Saunders, M., Lewis, P., and Thornhill, A. (2019), Research Methods for Business Students ebook, 8th Edition)
I have been planning to make a thematic analysis here with support of a survey. So I need the survey questions to be created as well. To create the survey questions you can use Martin Desncombe’s checklist. I was planning prepare a survey adrresing the reserach question and then to apply the survey questions to a group of professional change managers/consultants. I would like to stick to that approach.

2600 word count should be used for the following sections.
Presentation of Results
Analysis or Discussion

The remaining 2000 words should be used for the following sections.
Conclusions and Recommendations (summary of key points)
Reflections on Learning (an in-depth and critical analysis)

For any questions and clarifications, I am always here. I had to stop working on this dissertation several times due to covid. This is the last resort, your help is appreciated.

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