Risk Management Essay


risk management

Paper details:

Citing sources, including images, in-text where they are used
Minimizing the number of words on each slide
The slide background and color
The font type, size, and color you will use for the slide header, bullet points (major topics), and sub-points (details).
The type of transition you will use for movement from slide to slide and to advance through points on the slides.
The Assignment

All of these characteristics should be combined in a PowerPoint of no more than ten slides of content plus a title page. Include all of the necessary characteristics. On the first slide, you should include your name and the title of your research.

When you submit your PowerPoint file, you are not committing to using any of the characteristics that you have demonstrated. You may find, over the next week or two, that the presentation flows more smoothly using alternate options.

PowerPoint Rubric

10% Title Page

10% Cite sources on slides where they are used

20% Slide layout including: Font style, color, and size, background, and transitions

20% Images used and cited

20% Content, limited words per slide

20% Edit with Grammarly

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