Rhetorical analysis essay

In James Forman Jr.’s article Arrested Development he argues that for a developed nation, society must change its culture. The author argues that racial profiling creates a negative impression on the black kids’ mentality. Black kids automatically believe regardless of how hard they may work in school; they are doomed due to racial portrayals in society. The author suggests that racial profiling does not solve any solution, but it encourages and nurtures tolerance to crime. Forman advocates that a peaceful approach to offenders may yield more results in fighting crime (Forman 27).

           The author employs pathos to visualize the suffering the black community goes through in racial profiling. The author beautifully sends readers to a world of imagination, yet it explains how it feels to be harassed by police in an informative way. Readers then develop a feeling of association with innocent black kids and feel pity for them. The author also uses personal conversations with tormented kids and highlights their awful experiences (Forman 25).

           The author takes up an expert role in using ethos to appeal to readers. The author incorporates ethics from society that are undisputed. For instance, the author hints that education enlightens the future of children. He also uses quotes from prominent people to emphasize his arguments. The author also stresses that respecting human dignity is the ultimate accomplishment in the universe. He reflects the irony in the

           The most successful appeal employed by Forman is logos that prompt the reader to comply with his arguments. The author primarily operates facts and statistics that increase the validity of his statements. The facts make it easy to persuade the reader due to the contrast created. He uses percentages and values while articulating his view fetching the reader’s attention to agree with his idea.

            Indeed Forman arguments will reshape the culture of racial discrimination and promote harmony in society. He makes a crucial point when he suggests that police should approach African Americans in a civilized manner if they desire to make the community safe. However, the author needs to back up his argument to greater heights to influence readers. When the author resigns to conservatives’ power, “such words could be music to conservative’s ears-but only if they are willing to listen,” he compromises his arguments.

Rhetorical Analysis Worksheet

Purpose   What type of essay is it?      Persuasive essay.
Thesis   Identify the thesis. Unpack it and list keywords and phrases that should appear in the argument.   What types of claim does the writer state?      Racial profiling encourages crime due to effects of distant relationship with the law and stigmatization. The writer makes claims of definition and facts.  
Audience   Describe the target reader. What are their biases and values?   What possible objections might they bring up against the writer’s claim?      The target readers are stereotypes that associate African Americans with crime and violence.   The stereotypes could argue that if they were lenient with the black community there could be increased crime.
Introduction   What does the introduction setting up? Does it set up the topic, giving just enough background information for readers? Does it get to the heart of the issue, showing how it relates to the readers?    The introduction makes the readers understand and link the mentality of black kids to consequences of racial profiling. The introduction set up eventually leads readers to believe that racial profiling possesses a great problem.
Organization   List reasons in order and identify the strategy of order. How does the order address the reader’s needs?    The article introduces the topic, critically discusses the body from well conducted research and concludes by providing a solution. The order familiarizes the readers with the topic and lures them to consent with the article arguments.
Refutation   How does evidence demonstrate the author’s consideration for an opposing reader?   Identify ways in which the author could have better dealt with his readers.    The author discusses the naysayers’ perspectives and uses facts and ethics to counter argue.   The author could craft an effective way to shift the conservatives’ mentality. The writer compromises his argument when he resigns that the conservatives can fail to heed his arguments.
Tone and Voice   What stylistic strategies are used? How do sentences patterns, diction, figures of speech and visuals contribute to the thesis.    The writer uses vivid description and irony to convince the readers. The author also speaks with an authoritative tone therefore justifying his arguments.
Information sources   What sources of information are used? Are they credible enough? Are charts, diagrams, statistics and images used to strengthen the evidence?      The author uses credible sources and heavily uses statistics to emphasize his argument. He also quotes prominent people messages to convince readers.
Ethos   What are the author’s biases and background?   How does the writer get his readers to trust him?     The writer believes that education empowers white children more than it does on black ones.   The author is an experienced teacher that have interacted with many African American children and observed their behavior.
Logos Is the logic of the reasoning sound?  The writer’s reasoning is sound and valid due to the facts used.
Pathos Does the writer appeal to the readers’ emotions and beliefs?  Indeed the writer provokes sympathy on the harassment black people face.
Conclusion Does the conclusion tie everything together, giving closure? Does it show how argument pertains to the future and why it is important to readers?    The conclusion offers a solution to the problem of racial profiling. It suggests an approach that will enhance law enforcement goals and humanity.

Works Cited

Forman, James. “Arrested Development.” The New Republic, 10 Sept. 2001.

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