Revision/edit of rough draft

  • Topic: Revision/edit of rough draft
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 5 pages/double spaced (1375 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 4
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Order instructions:I have attached two files to this request one is labeled “rough draft” which is the word document I need worked on the other is the novel just for reference.

The original assignment requirement is stated below to help explain better the assignment objective:
-The Portfolio Project is designed to require you to expand your understanding of Things Fall Apart by combining knowledge and application of content with your own interpretation and judgment. You will write a research paper about Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, supplementing your own interpretation with information from three to five other sources. Your interpretation of this novel should reflect an international perspective. Any critical perspective from which you frame your thesis and overall paper needs to convey a sharper international or multicultural understanding of the novel

I need editing done / revision of my rough draft in order to fulfill the professors notes that they had left me when I submitted the draft. I will list what I need done below.

– Thesis is too broad in scope; develop a specific, analytical claim grounded in a close reading of the primary text.
-Body paragraphs should open with a topic sentence
-Better organization of paragraph format

The most important bit of information is that I was told the draft is entirely too descriptive and general discussion. Develop a more analytical viewpoint by exploring how aspects of the text work to add meaning.

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