Review the links and create a response to each program analysis


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Review the links and create a response to each program analysis.
Jail Programs: What are some of the programs available to the inmates while they are awaiting trial or serving their sentence of one year or less? Research: Cook County Sheriff’s Office (2018) Detainee Programs and Services, Enrichment Programs:

Prison Programs: Choose one prison from the following list, explain how the program has benefited the community and the inmates: Illinois Department of Corrections (2018) Correctional Facilities. Retrieved from:
Lastly explain if you believe that it is important to offer inmates programs such as: education, recreation, and health care? Research the variety of programs available for inmates. Are there any community-based programs? Do you think that being able to participate in such programs should somehow be earned or paid for rather than being available to all inmates?
Be specific and thorough in your answers citing evidence from your readings. Citations must be made in APA format. You are required to make an initial post the day you have class. Once you have posted, you will be able to see your classmate’s submissions. Respond to two classmates before next week’s class to receive full credit.


When caught committing an illegal act, should a correctional officer be held to the same or higher standard of responsibility as a standard citizen for committing a similar crime? How might correctional officers become corrupt? What kinds of activities might corrupt officers engage in?
Next, answer the following questions after watching the Stanford Prison Video
If you were the administrator of this prison, how would you handle this situation? What are your options? What are your legal limitations? Do you think the actions of the guards was criminal? Would the same results occur again? Are there any correlations you can draw between the experiment and how correctional officers might become corrupt?

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