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Order instructions:Book: The Sunflower by Simon Weisenthal
Contributor: Mary Gordon (pgs 152 – 153)
One thing that I think will help you better understand the responses in “The Symposium” (which in turn will help you better answer the questions Wiesenthal is raising in his narrative) is to get to know the contributors. For this topic, I want you to select ONE contributor* from “The Symposium” and do a bit of investigation. Try and find out a bit of information on who s/he is, what his/her experiences/beliefs are, and what might qualify him/her to respond to The Sunflower.

In response to this topic, write a brief summary (around 125-150 words) of what you’ve learned about your contributor. Remember that a summary should be in YOUR OWN WORDS. Then write a brief explanation (again, around 125-150 words) of how what you’ve learned helps you better understand what s/he wrote about in “The Symposium.”

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