Research Paper Assignment Instructions


This research paper is the apex assignment of the course, the culmination of what you have learned these past modules. Review the previous modules and how each module provided you with the steps to develop a strategic plan. The Research Paper is designed for you to build a strategic plan using ten steps adapted from the previous modules. They are sequential and should serve as building blocks as you develop a strategic plan.


The student will write a research paper developing a strategic plan for a hypothetical local church. Items to include are outlined as follows:

  • The research paper must include the following 3 major headings and appropriate subheadings: 
  • Introduction
  • Content
    • The Leader’s Character-Driven Habits
    • Development of the Mission
    • Development of the Vision
    • Discovery of the Core Values
    • Design of the Strategy
    • Outreach into the Community
    • Making Disciples
    • Building the Team
    • Assessing the Setting
    • Raising Finances
  • Conclusion
  • The research paper must have a minimum of 6,000 words (excluding title page, contents page, footnotes, and bibliography). There is no maximum word count.
  • The research paper must include a title page, contents page, footnotes, and bibliography in Turabian format.
  • The research paper must contain at least 20 footnote citations. Course textbooks may be used but you must cite from no fewer than 10 additional scholarly sources.
  • The research paper must include at least 5 integrated biblical passages.

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.

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