Research Methods in Business & Management

Paper details:

Students should write a critical analysis of the research methodology and research methods
that they plan to use in their thesis study – approximately 2000 words (Excluding diagrams,
tables, reference list at the end, bibliography and appendices). The structure and content of
this individual assessment is as follows:
Student Name
Proposed title Not exceeding 15 words
(Approx 250 words)
The introduction should develop and provide the following
The general area(s)/topics of literature(s) in which the study will be
The focal literature on which the study will be concentrating/
The gap the student has identified in the literature.
Why the gap is important (in terms of knowledge development around
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A clear statement of one clear research question (not more) that will
address this gap.
What contribution that answering that gap will make to the
Main Body
(Approx 1500
This section will discuss (all points to be underpinned by extensive
contemporary sources and refences (from primarily the last five
The overall research methodology for your thesis including:
The overall research methodological paradigm that the research will
employ and why this is being employed (e.g. inductive, deductive,
positivism, interpretivism etc)
An elaboration of the literature surrounding this paradigm and a
critical analysis of its strengths and weakness.
An elaboration of why other paradigms have not been selected/are not
suitable for/employed in the study?
This section will contain a discussion of epistemology, ontology and
axiology and there relevance to the chosen research methodology.
The research methods employed with the research methodology
An elaboration of the chosen methods and a critical analysis of their
strengths and weaknesses for your thesis.
An elaboration of why other research methods have not been chosen.
The approach to data analysis:
What techniques and approaches will you be using to analyse your
data? Why – provided reasons and explanations (e.g. thematic
analysis, discourse analysis, correlation etc.)
The approach to writing up:
What techniques and approaches will you be using to analyse your
data? Why? – provided reasons and explanations (e.g. case study,
storytelling/narrative, statistical presentation, critical incident
approach etc)
What ethical considerations will your thesis field work require:
e.g. consent protocols, data storage, usage and disposal, protection of
respondents and yourself.
(Approx 250 words)
The conclusion to your work should:
Summarise the key points of the terrain examined and the arguments
Not include any new material that has not been introduced in the
earlier sections.

Draw out the hoped for/intended areas of contribution to the field(s)
of the work.
Identify future possible directions of study based on the preceding
Key References on
which your
proposed thesis is
All the references mentioned in the purpose statement should be listed
in a ‘References’ list section located at the end of the work.
Appendices Appendices are not recommended or encouraged. However, if you feel
a need to add one it should appear here.

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