research method


research method

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Please pick at least one of the options to do your Brief Assignment 1. You may choose more than one option and your highest score will be your grade for this assignment.

In the Word document, please copy and paste the option you chose first, and then type your answers.

Please type in a Word document, save it as *doc, *docx or *pdf and submit it as a Microsoft Word file or PDF file. If you use Google docs or other text processing tool, please convert the file into the right formats. The accepting formats are *.doc, *.docx or *.pdf.

Options: There is only one Option for this unit.
Option 1: Research Question & Method:

If you were to conduct research in some question related to psychology, what would you want to explore? (Note: for this assignment, you are developing an individual experiment, observation, survey, or other type of study. It is NOT to be broad, but rather investigating a specific research question. Be sure to provide at least one operational definition that would be objective, measurable, observable by anyone! See the example below.)
What research method would be most appropriate to study this topic? Why would that method be best?

Which terms would require Operational Definitions? Offer an Operational Definition for at least one of these terms (remember, it must be objective, concrete, and measurable).
EXAMPLE: I would want to conduct an experiment on which sex is more ambidextrous. I’d get 200 men and 200 women and have them copy the same paragraph with their dominant hand, then copy it again with their non-dominant hand. Independent judges would score the writing on how much better one sample is than the other. The research method is an experiment because it examines a cause-and-effect relationship between variables. Gender would be the independent variable (cause) while the difference between writing quality would be the dependent variable (effect). If there is a larger difference in writing quality samples for one sex than the other, then that would show a gender difference in hand dominance vs. being ambidextrous. Men, Women, dominant hand, and writing quality would need operational definitions. An operational definition for Men would be “when asked what sex they are, the subject says Man, Male, Guy, or Boy). Female would be “when asked what sex they are, the subject says Woman, Female, Gal, or Girl).

Grading Rubrics:
These are mini-papers. They may be only a paragraph, or a page, depending on what is needed to accomplish the expectations of the assignment. There is at least one for each of the 8 class sections. Brief Assignments are graded according to these criteria:

Accuracy of content – for example, if you are giving an example of Classical Conditioning, does your example accurately fit that concept.
Completeness of your response – do you adequately address all parts of the prompt?
Is the paper written in a way that conforms to the Quality of Written Work statement in this syllabus?
Grading will be 10, 7, 4, or 0 points, related to Excellent, Adequate, Partially Adequate, Inadequate

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