Research Essay 1: Early America

Refer to directions – pick your own topic

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Research Essay 1: Early America

Consult Rael, Reading, Writing, and Researching for History CH 1-8 for advice as you investigate your topic and construct your essay.
Choose an engaging historical question related to the subject of American history no later than the year 1800.

Be sure that your question is something interesting and relevant that could lead to an arguable thesis. Remember you are writing an argumentative essay, not an informational report. The more specific your focus, the more interesting your paper is likely to be.

Conduct historical research regarding the question. Familiarize yourself with what “the literature” of Secondary sources have to say about it. Is there a consensus or differing viewpoints on the subject? What are they? Find Primary sources from the time and place you are investigating related to your question. These Primary and Secondary sources will serve as evidence for you later on.

As you gather sources, you should begin to formulate your own answer to the question you began with, using the evidence to back up your argument. Your answer should be a bold statement of your argument, contained in one sentence. This is your thesis, which you will defend in the body of the paper. You should follow your thesis statement with a “road map” of key points that support this, giving a preview of what your body paragraphs will cover.

Body paragraphs should be related to supporting your thesis, and should include evidence in support of your thesis. You should be as direct and specific as possible in your body paragraphs and avoid vagueness or generalities. If you use quotes, you should always follow with analysis in your own words to demonstrate your own critical thinking in linking the evidence to your thesis. Body paragraphs should also be related to one another via good transition sentences. Avoid tangents not immediately related to your thesis. If you found secondary sources that oppose the argument your thesis is making, you should devote one body paragraph to addressing these opposing viewpoints.

Your paper should finish with a strong conclusion supporting your thesis and key points.

Your essay must meet the following guidelines:

3-Page or 800-word minimum.


Times New Roman font size 12.

It must make a convincing argument (not merely report facts) that demonstrates critical historical thinking.

It must reference at least 2 primary source historical documents as evidence

It must reference at least 2 secondary source historical journal article or book in support of or in contradiction to, your argument

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