Research a PESTEL analysis

1. Research a PESTEL analysis for Proctor and Gambles Tide Pod′s and identify the impact of the external environment on your approved company/product. (Be sure to share the relevant aspects of the PESTLE analysis) 2. Explain how this analysis supports the marketing concept of your company. 3. Describe how your company uses CRM strategies. 4. Identify how an external analysis and identification of the marketing concept supports your company’s CRM strategies. Submission Requirement: A minimum of two sources is required on all written assignments. One of those sources may be your textbook, but the other should be a valid and credible source (e.g., a journal article, valid periodical, valid online resources, etc). Length should be 2–4 pages, or approximately 600–1200 words. Keep in mind that explaining and supporting your choices is more important than your actual choices. APA guidelines should be followed on all assignments.

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