Remote Learning Program

I believe every individual is inherently entitled to freedom and social justice. Health is the most fundamental aspect that ensures progress, justice, and freedom; therefore, I would like to engage in a health care community program. My community program would empower the community with knowledge and resources to improve housing standards, lifestyles, and keeping the surroundings clean for a healthier life. My program would help minimize poverty, improve the health and morale of people in society (, 2020).

            My project would require massive support from the government and the community. I would need to raise an approximate of 500,000 million dollars to help low-income families furnish their homes, improve ventilations, and accommodate the homeless. The capital would also enable my project to support single mothers in raising children and paying rent in decent places. I would have to organize fundraising events to boost the amount I gather from the government

Moreover, I would need almost fifty volunteers (50%) to serve and provide moral support to 100 families. The fifty volunteers would also help clean the environment and educate the public on the importance of keeping the air fit for breathing. The group would also educate the public on the importance of maintaining healthy lifestyles and guide them in achieving the goals.

I would post about my project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach a broader audience. I would also print posters and design t-shirts and caps carrying the gospel of my community program. My program would also help to voice people in industrial areas where there may be air pollution. My program would benefit approximately 1,000 people in six months and later serve more in the year.

My program would be of great significance in ensuring community health welfare. The program would make people happy, healthy, and boost their esteem for dealing with life challenges. I would also reduce eviction rates, curb environmental pollutions, promote healthy lifestyles, and ensure social equity.

References (2020, September). Civic participation. Healthy People 2020 |

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