Relationship between authoritarianism and economic development

  • Subject: International Relations
  • Topic: Writer’s choice from the given options in the instructions (one of 3)
  • Style: APA
  • Number of pages: 4 pages/double spaced (1100 words)
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  • Number of source/references: 8
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Order instructions:1. What is the relationship between authoritarianism and economic development? In what ways do authoritarian politics aid development? In what ways might successful development require democratization?
2. It is normally the case that economic development means developing a manufacturing sector and then developing service industries. Is it possible that some countries in the global South may be able to skip the industrial stage and move directly to developing strong service-sector industries? Will the global economy be an impediment to this sort of development?
3. Outline the problem of international debt owed by countries in the global South. Why did the North try to impose IMF Conditionality/Structural Adjustment Programmes? To what extent have southern countries successfully resisted this?
Choose a single question, and write a 4-5 page, printed, 1000-1300 word, essay-style answer to the question. These essays will be marked for the style, structure, citation and content of your answer. Please number your pages. It is important to create a title that describes the content of the essay, and even though the essay should fully answer the assigned question, it should also be well structured (with a good introduction and conclusion) and carefully written. Remember to cover all aspects of the question. You must also cite your sources, formally, even if these are limited to the lecture notes and textbook. As to understanding the purpose of the essay assignment, think of yourself as a prosecutor, and think of the essay’s argument as the case that you are making to the jury. It is your case. You use witnesses (i.e. sources) to suit your purposes; you do not let your sources take over the essay. Finally, these essays are designed to get you to think for yourself–not every aspect of the answers will be found in the readings. You may use outside sources, though this is not a requirement.

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