Reflective Report on Key Skills Development

Communication Reflection.

I must admit I have had a lot of experience in communication since the beginning of the semester. The unit has enabled me to improve on grammar, use of vocabularies, and organise my writing ideas. Since English is my second language; I had to make an extra effort to embellish my language to produce an impressive writing piece. I had to gather confidence, believe that can I can communicate effectively and face my fears. For instance, standing boldly before the class and presenting my assignments was an outstanding achievement in my learning experience. In the past, I could not address people officially without stammering and becoming nervous, but that all these is a story to tell thanks to the semester learning. I also watched videos of prominent speakers and learned a few verbal communication styles such as pausing, involving the audience, stressing and changing my tone.

I also had a wonderful experience in sharpening my formal writing skills. The standard report and assignment pushed me to acquire the skills and aim for a good grade. I had to research and reflect on the lessons about formal writing of reports. I also perused other authors report, analysed their business ideas, and discovered a few tricks of presenting a project to readers. I also came to apply Kolb’s cycle during my reflective and report writing and enjoyed my learning experience. Since I had observed and witness learning scenarios from class and during the workshop, I had to reflect on my experience and draw conclusions in my writing (JNL Week 8(date)). The understanding and reflection of the unit became evident when writing the assignment. I learned to organise my ideas, concepts and experiences and systematically express them through writing. In essence, I learned how to use simple English and communicate in an official way suitable for my future career.

I believe the communication skills I acquired in the semester will be beneficial for my future endeavours. The assignment prepared me for future intensive writing during my learning experience. I also developed business communication skills which will probably make me a leader in my career. As a leader, I can use the verbal communication skills I have gained to motivate workers and deliver information appropriately. I also learned about three basic communication models; transactional model, linear model and interactive model. The business communication models all have common elements such as the message, sender, receiver and a communication channel. In formal business communication, I discovered that ethics is a fundamental element to facilitate effective communication. I will need to be polite, honest, transparent, and understanding to receive and deliver messages in my career. Business ethics discourage people from being harsh and insensitive to others needs and expectation; therefore, I was stimulated to assess whether my communication skills are ethical (JNL Week 10(date)). In my perspective, logic is also a critical element to ensure smooth communication since it can solve disputes. I also learned how to incorporate various communication types such as visual, verbal, non-verbal, written and listening to optimise information sharing. Some obstacles can render communication ineffective, such as noise; therefore, I reflected on managing transmission efficiency.

Numeracy Skills

           The unit has been a milestone in sharpening my research skills, gathering data and analysing statistics. In business, data and statistics count since it can be used to measure a company’s performance, craft a business plan and give new insights in organising internal and external operations. I learned how to interpret data in journals and articles and draw conclusions from the figures. While writing the report, I learned how to skim, read and take notes from the reading. Moreover, I had to perfect my understanding of the literature to produce detailed research. I compared and contrasted different kinds of literature and coordinated the ideas in an organised way. Searching for information on the internet also gave me a new revelation in my learning experience; I realised not all works on the internet are credible. Therefore, I had to enhance the credibility of my project by using UK academic sources. I tried my best to refrain from blogs and other websites that may be academically limited. The process of collecting data and statistics from journals, articles, and websites requires proper referencing; I increased my Havard referencing skill through the assignment. I got to learn from other experts and honour their work by appropriate referencing.

           I particularly enjoyed week 11 when our lecture asked the class to differentiate climate change and global warming. I must appreciate that I got to learn global warming is not a climatic phenomenon. Global warming can be enhanced by anthropogenic activities such as fossil fuels combustion and releasing other toxic gases. Carbon dioxide is the chief greenhouse gas that causes increased temperatures in the atmosphere. I learned that the high temperatures upset atmospheric frequency, which leads to adverse weather conditions. The numeracy skills I acquired were beneficial since I understood the dangers global warming poses to the universe. I felt I deep compulsion to advocate for ethical business operation and to act responsibly in my organisation. I also searched for other credible articles in the digital library and enhanced my CSR and sustainability knowledge. I discovered running business blindly without caring for social life, and the environment is endangering the lives of billions of people on the planet (JNL Week 11(date).


           I learnt that a collection of people (group) in business does not necessarily mean an organisation has an established team force. Unlike a group of people who may not have a sense of commitment, a team comprises people with a collective goal. It became clear when we were arranged in groups of three and instructed to create a business plan. I began to appreciate the concept we learned in class since we had to join forces and produce a sensational business plan. We were able to come up with a creative project and improve our communication skills. I got to sharpen my communication skills and exercise leadership skills since I participated in dividing roles. Every member performed his/her duties in crafting the plan, and there was no misunderstanding or incontinences (JNL Week 7(date)).

           The experience I had working with my classmates prompted thoughts of a business case. When I organise a group of people into a team in my career, we will have increased productivity, problem-solving will be more comfortable, weaknesses and strengths identified, creativity encouraged and each employee will be motivated to perform accordingly. I learned that teamwork in a business structure propels an organisation to unimaginable heights since mutual respect and commitment is encouraged.

ICT Skills

           I acquired some skills using Microsoft Software while writing my report. I also watched videos on creating different papers using Microsoft word and increased my skills with the software.

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