Reflective journal 600 words each plus references

Assessment 1 is a Portfolio (equivalent to 2000 words) submitted individually based on a group project experience. The group project involves the development of an innovative solution to a social/environmental challenge following the innovation process and design thinking approach. The potential solution may include an innovative product, service, process, procedures or technology. The emphasis of this element of the assessment is valuing both process and proposed outcome. Thus, the portfolio includes: self-evaluation of innovation and creativity process – through documentation within a reflective journal culminating in the Presentation of the group innovation. The Portfolio assesses the learning outcomes 1 and 2. 2. DETAILED ASSESSMENT GUIDE AND STRUCTURE: Groups of maximum 5 students will be formed in week 1 and the group must have identified their social/environmental challenge by week 3. After week 3, the module leader will provide a list of potential challenges for those groups that could not find a challenge. The sooner your group finds the challenge the more time you will have to work on the innovative solution. You will be required to sign a group learning contract. The reflective journal needs to be kept during the group project with three submissions (600 words each). The topics and suggested submission dates for each entry are:

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