Reflective essay, on response

NOTE: it’s from the book of Rising Strong.
Write a 750-word essay in which you summarize one of the chapters in this unit (chapters 5-7), and then transition into a thesis-driven essay that responds to one issue in particular. Describe your perspective about that issue, taking care to provide explanation and support for your stance.

Preparing to write:

Think about the issues you’ve annotated or brought up on class discussion boards.
Choose one you would like to focus on for this essay. How was this issue meaningful or insightful for you? Why is the issue important? What are the complexities at work that we need to understand? (For example, in the chapter “Sewer Rats and Scofflaws,” Brown discusses why healthy boundaries are an important part of becoming more generous in our assumptions about others. Why are integrity and healthy boundaries so important? What happens when we don’t establish what is and is not okay in our relationships? I could think about some personal examples that are relevant to this topic, as well as what Brown has to say about it in this chapter.)
Brainstorm answers to the above questions as a base for your response (in your final essay, your response should be more developed than simply “I agree” or “I disagree”).
Choose from any of the chapters we have read in this unit (including “The Rumble,” “Sewer Rats and Scofflaws,” and “The Brave and Brokenhearted”) for this assignment.
Drafting your essay:

This essay should be thesis-driven; you should make an overall claim that you develop more specifically throughout your paper. See the content lessons for more information about how to develop this claim and write your thesis.
Use topic sentences in each paragraph that refer back to and support your thesis, textual examples from the chapter itself, and appropriate MLA citation.
Consider what organization will best help you develop your ideas. Again, see the content lessons for more information about how to organize your essay.
NOTE: Other than Rising Strong, you should not use any outside sources. Contact me if you have questions.


750 words (max 1500 words)


Times New Roman font, size 12

MLA heading

Author’s Note:

We will return to these drafts later to provide peer review comments to one another. To give your review partners some context and insight into elements about which you may have questions, concerns, or like additional feedback, please write a brief author’s note at the bottom of your paper.

An author’s note should include the following information:

Your writing role–Where are you in the writing process? Is this a first draft, second, or something else? Is your rough draft complete, or are there things you are considering adding? How are you feeling about the draft in its current state?
Your reader’s role–What are 1-2 specific areas you would like feedback on from your reader? Be specific so your reader does not misinterpret your request. Give them examples of paragraph numbers (introduction, body 1, conclusion, etc.) or specific sentences.
Think about the essay instructions, the rubric criteria, and how you have demonstrated those things in your writing (or not) as you draft this brief note.

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