Reflective Essay 6

The process of globalization uses information technology to bring people from the various parts of the world together through work or trade. It has an impact on culture, political systems, economy and the environment. Technology is the prime driver of globalization.  Many businesses have been able to progress in the global market as a result of the advancement in information technology. Also, the movement from one nation to another can be credited for encouraging the process of the globalization. For instance, Starbuck Company began globalizing in the 1980’s after its then marketing executive got the idea from a trip abroad. The coffee making enterprise used to be a small retail shop, but it has gradually grown to be the largest coffee house in the world.

For a company to go global it is essential to understand the culture of the various countries. This may at times call for improvisation of the product a company trades so that it fits what a certain kind of people use. For instance, the Mc Donald’s restaurant, approximately all of its fast food has beef as an ingredient. However, in some nations like India, they do not take beef due to religious norms. But this did not limit the Mc Donald’s corporation from venturing into the Indian economy.  They sought out the best substitute for beef that could be available and accepted locally.

Prior to globalization, it could have been hard to be familiar with other nations and their way of life. Fortunately due to accessories such as radio, television and the internet one is now not only able to know the culture and history of another country but also know what is happening in that country at a given time.

Foxconn, China-based factory and Apple have always worked together hand in hand in providing the world’s market with good and efficient electronics. However, there is a dark side to supplying a global market, especially when the demand becomes exceedingly high. Apple phones have a good reputation and preferred by many, but it is sad knowing that lives are lost and young children put to labor in making of the iPhones. It has come to the world’s attention that most workers in Foxconn attempted suicide while in duty, owing to the pressure they are subdued to by work.

Globalization has made it possible for developing countries to move forward economically and raised the living standards of citizens. Resources that were initially underutilized or not put to work are used and increasing the countries productivity. Additionally, people are now aware of where to get for instance the best laptops or clothing, one does not have to necessarily settle for what is available locally if it does not suit one’s desire. However, globalization has a negative impact as it benefits the western universal companies at the expense of local enterprises and cultures. Also through the process, the world’s ecosystem is put at risk as some of the activities the multinational firms do pollute the environment.

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