Reflective Assignment 1

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Our identity is something that takes shape and changes over time. We are shaped by our family, friends, community, and the broader institutions in our society. We occupy various social statuses and fulfil various roles. To a large extent, we also imagine who we are and choose to present ourselves in very deliberate ways. It’s important to acknowledge how our beliefs, or ideologies, shape us and our ideas about how the world works. Sometimes these beliefs match the dominant ideologies in a society and sometimes they are very different from what “most” people believe. We develop these ideologies through our interaction with the various social institutions in a society, including education, legal systems, political systems, and family. This understanding of ourselves as individuals who are also shaped by our experiences, beliefs, and surroundings is important for imagining Global Citizenship. Cosmopolitanism is defined in your text as “belonging to all the world.” As part of global citizenship, it takes account of all of the ways that we are interconnected with something broader than immediate surroundings. We are part of the Global Village.

This assignment requires you to think about your identity, and the role of ideologies and social institutions in your everyday life. It will require you to think about these things in collaboration with group members. Together, you will focus your energies on thinking about social issues that interest you as you think about becoming global citizens.This assignment focuses you to think about identity and ideology as they relate to you, your assigned group and global citizenship. Reflective Assignment 1 is completed individually and Reflective Assignment 2 will require you to work collaboratively with your assigned group. Overall, this assignment encourages you to work together to identify a compelling topic to study for the final course project.

Read the assignment instructions for Reflective Assignment 1 below.

Instructions for Reflective Assignment 1 – Individual (15%): Write a reflection on your identity. Write one paragraph for each of the following questions:

How has your sense of who you are been shaped by your environment (social institutions) and various ideological beliefs?

Remember, ideological beliefs can include both the ways that you see and understand the world and the dominant narratives about the world that still influence you whether you agree or not. Finally, consider the next set of questions in your answer:

How is your identity connected to characteristics of global citizenship by discussing a social issue that personally concerns you?

Your answers to these questions need to draw on concepts and ideas from modules 1-6 from the OER textbook. Your submission should not exceed 500 words or one page.

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