reflection on your own experiences as you navigated this week’s material on spirituality

Perhaps you reflected on your own experiences as you navigated this week’s material on spirituality. In this written assignment, you will formally reflect on your own healthcare experience and/or healthcare workplace experience in dialogue with the course materials. Your work will not be shared with your employer or the instructors mentioned. You may decide to share your work with an employer or others after you have organized your thoughts and put them in relation to some ideas from our course.

Write a letter about your experiences to a healthcare institution, either where you have been employed, or somewhere you received care. In the letter, state why the issue of spirituality in healthcare is important and whether or not spiritual needs are sufficiently addressed at the facility. Include your observations of employees providing specific examples if possible.

Does the hospital administration or workplace environment support the nursing staff and other employees? If so, thank them for the ways you have experienced support. If not, how can this be remedied?

Refer to the following articles from the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (Links to an external site.)  and ThoughtCo. (Links to an external site.) to review the correct format for a business letter.


  1. One page double spaced
  2. 12 point font
  3. Due to the reflective nature of the assignment, citations and APA format are not required
  • Make sure you review the rubric before you begin

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