Reflection Essay

Paper details:

-Choose a specific instance of interpersonal communication–from your own life, something you’ve observed, etc–and use a theory to analyze the scenario and advance an argument.

-You must have a thesis statement

Choose one theory/approach covered in class

– Topics (concepts) discussed in class

– Transactional model of communication
– Ritual model of communication
– Social constructionism
– Process of social construction

– Your main job is to tell a story of yours that resembles to the concepts above. While telling the story, relate it to one of the concepts mentioned above.

– pretend the reader isn’t a communication scholar or a member of this class
be sure to define all of your terms, cite readings, and include a Works Cited page

-Don’t just slap a theory on the scenario–what does this theory allow you to understand? what new conclusions can you draw because of it?

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