Reducing medication errors

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Assignment problem: Reducing medication errors: A medical surgical unit manager has had a significant increase in medication administration errors over the last two months. The errors involve many staff members and are occurring on all shifts. The budget does not allow for the purchase of new administration system. Your task is to research an intervention to decrease medication administration errors from the nursing staff within these parameters.

To reduce medication errors. Use articles attached called “fdy216.pdf and 1-s2.0-S2214139120301128-main”

Assignment: On slide for Model/theory, complete assignment based off exemplar. Two slides are needed, one slide for transactional model in leadership, and second slide for a transformational model in leadership to reduce medication error in nursing. Use both articles attached to answer both slides.
Only do the Leadership Model/Theory slide. 2 slides. One for transactional model in leadership in nursing and transformation model nursing

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