Reason Value and Knowledge – Philosophy

Paper details:Question 2: Might an intuition that p justify a belief that p? How?

2000 words – need above 70% in this essay please. See attached 2000 word messy essay. Recommend writing from scratch. The readings to fully understand the question are attached and some recommended readings are also below. Thanks

Start spelling out some of the key terms here. On some accounts of intuitions, an intuition that p cannot justify a belief that p. (Look at Audi). So intuitions would have to be something different from a belief or conviction if the answer to the first part of the question is to be positive. You’d have to discuss Bealer in the discussion of intuitions.
Once you have identified a type of intuition that at least could justify beliefs with the same content, the tricky question is how can they do this. Bealer offers an account, but a good paper will consider more recent accounts, such as Chudnoff and Cowan. I discuss Cowan’s account here – You might find that helpful.

Accounts of intuitions
Bedke, Matthew (2008) “Ethical Intuitions: What They Are, What They Are Not,
and How They Justify,” American Philosophical Quarterly 43(3): 253–70.
Audi, R. (1997) Moral Knowledge and Ethical Character. Oxford: Oxford University
Press. (See the section on Intuition. Just a few pages.)
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Supplement: Philosophical Perspectives 10, Metaphysics: 1–34.
Chudnoff, E. (2013) Intuition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (You don’t need to read all of this. Just his discussion of what intuition is.)
Earlenbaugh, J. and Molyneux, B. (2009). “Intuitions are Inclinations to Believe,”
Philosophical Studies 145: 89–109.
Philip Stratton-Lake ‘Intuition, Self-Evidence, and Understanding’
Robert Cowan, ‘Rossian Conceptual Intuitionism’

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