Readings/Contemp Chinese Lit

Academic Level:Bachelor

Sources needed:2

Topic:Readings/Contemp Chinese Lit

Paper details:Please write a response paper of exactly three pages double spaced in which you
present a critical-analytical response to a theme, concept, or particular text in your
reading. Also called a précis, this is an opportunity for you to write a brief, clearly-
focused short paper to present a well thought-out, structured argument in concise style.
You may choose to focus on any one of the primary sources (including films) we have
read in this course, read that text carefully and then create a close reading of that text or
the ideas contained within it. In your discussion, you should choose to focus on the
content of the text as well as the literary-cinematic technique(s) the writer or film-maker
chose to create the text. You may give substantiating evidence from the text, but you will
have to choose carefully and keep quotes brief, since this is an exercise in clear and
concise writing. You may also cite information from secondary scholarly sources in your
discussion of the primary text(s), but are not required to do so. When submitting your
paper, be sure to include your name at the top, and to give your paper a title.

Your paper will be evaluated according to four criteria:
1. The quality of your central argument in the first paragraph of your paper.
2. The quality and substance of your analytical discussion of at least one primary
3. The organization, structure, clarity, and style of your essay
4. The format and correct use of citation conventions in your essay. Please use either
the MLA Manual or Style of the Chicago Manual of Style for citations. Also
include a correctly formatted list of works cited at the end of your essay.

The first response paper will be due on Friday, January 28. Please submit your paper
via the assignment submission link on Canvas.Apply

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