Reading Reflection: Theory of Mind and Autism

Paper details:

In order to complete the Reading Reflection, you will need to read the articles and watch the videos. This list of readings and videos is curated in a specific order to help you learn the concepts. Please follow the specific order that they are presented on

1. Bjorklund & Casey (2018) Developing Theory of Mind (TOM) Chapter
2.Watch the two brief videos on how TOM is measured
3. Watch the TED Talk by Jac den Houting and the video on Masking
4.Gernsbacher & Yergeau (2019) Empirical Failures of the Claim That Autistic People Lack a Theory of Mind

Here are three brief videos for the topic of Theory of Mind and Autism.

Brief Video on how Theory of Mind is Measured (3:54 min)
Video on Theory of Mind Task and Autism (1:54 min)
TED Talk – Why everything you know about autism is wrong (13:20 min)
What is Autistic Masking (8 min)

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