Reading Comprehension

Paper details:

Assignment Directions:

Find an article from the most recent online edition of Bloomberg Businessweek (BBW).

Here is a link set-up for my business classes where you can access Bloomberg. (Links to an external site.)

Look at the right column, second yellow box, and you will find Bloomberg Business.

May use prior week if needed. If you choose to use a different journal, which “may” be an option if it is a professional, scholarly journal, that journal must be PRE-APPROVED by professor each time.

What you need to do:

Discuss/relate to the current week’s or last week’s assigned chapter to the chosen article. Synthesize your discussion to about one page 300-350 words minimum. Properly develop your essay, with excellent grammar/writing style, with paragraphs and in-text citations.

(See details defined below under “Structure.” If you do not follow the prescribed structure, your work will not be graded and will receive a -0- score.)

Please look at the due date and take note. No late submissions accepted for any reason. You can always work ahead so in case of an emergency or any kind of issue, that you can still make sure you meet the requirement of this submission by the due date.

Review the rubric to understand more fully the expectations.

Expectations: Clearly demonstrate a synthesis of material from what you read from the chapter to what you read from a current business article, then articulate the application of a concept to a rea-life situation. Turn-It In Scores have to be under 20. Essay should NOT be written in first or second person. Must have section headings based on the following structure: article title, concept name/term from current chapter that is being related to the article with the term/concept defined, application of concept with article content/subject, conclusion.)

Structure: Include Title Page and Reference Page separate from this one page (could be two pages) described below. Use single or 1.5 line spacing in document, Times New Roman or Calibri font. Develop work with headings and paragraphs. (Paragraphs either need to be indented or double spaced between them). Title page should contain title of article with concept, your name, chapter number, date of submission. Reference page should be formatted in APA and contain at least two references. One would be for the article and one for the text. Any additional supporting references utilized should be included and encouraged. EVERY reference has to align with at least one in-text citation for that particular reference. It is not acceptable to just say the entire paragraph was a paraphrase from the source. You need to have parts that are clearly your own writing that are complimented and supported with in-text either direct quotes or paraphrased sections that are properly referenced. All work must be formatted correctly, following APA guidelines.

If this format is not followed, the submission will receive an overall -0- score.

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