Ramayana and modern myth


Ramayana and modern myth

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Please read the attached pdf file materials. Then please follow the below instructions: According to J.F. Bierlein, one of the most “astounding” and “interesting” consequences of the “encounters between European and the various peoples of Africa, Asia, and the Americas … was the recognition that cultures vastly separated … by time and geography had religious practices and myths” that were strikingly similar, i.e. had parallels, common themes, subjects, and characters (267page-attached). For the term paper proposal, I would like you to propose a similarity that you see between the classical myth Ramayana and some modern myths of your own choosing (film, story, etc.). If you choose one of the modern myths from Parallel Myths, you must research and find an extensive, original source of the myth. You are encouraged to think for yourself and come up with an interesting topic that highlights a parallel you find engaging. Please provide a clearly marked thesis (with an *) and MLA citations of the various myths you have picked. In addition to your topic, thesis, and sources, you must also pick a theorist/philosopher from the attached pdf file pp. 267-303 in Parallel Myths to ground your thinking and support your proposal. Use at least one quote from that theorist or philosopher to illustrate your concept. Your proposal should be no more than 350 words.
You can also use this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QkYOqI3jSM to learn more about Rama and Sita from classic myths Ramayana. Please be specific and professional. Thank you.

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