Racism in Oscars Essay

Racism in Oscars

In the history of popular award poll, some races seem to be more dominant than others. A person’s race will determine whether he or she lands a nomination for an award. The Oscars often go to whites not because other races are not present in the film industry, but it is just that they are favored. Many people have been questioning the methodology used in the issuing of the Oscars, which termed to be “so white (Elsesser n.p).” The essay focuses on the racism at the Oscars that include females in the industry. I believe that the nominees at the Oscars affect many people on racial stereotypes due to color and being a female.

Although the black female actresses have put in magnificent work the entertainment scene, they have not scoped awards as expected. Most of the non-white female actresses are given a basic role to limit them from being nominated for awards. Some of these actresses are good and are capable of starring great movies, but they are not given a case all because of their race. Some actors have been denied sets in film because the role was deemed fit for a white person only. Hattie McDaniel was a victim of this, but luckily she managed to win an Oscar award despite the racial prejudice. The judgment of decision-makers is clouded with discrimination against black people when it comes to picking the name of those that deserve an award. In most movies, black actors die in the end, or they are given a role where they are supposed to fulfill negative stereotypes against their race. When black actors play these types of characters, the image of Blacks is disfigured, which makes way for white actors to land a primary role and Oscar nominations.

            The fact that most Oscar winners are white depicts racism. After looking at the list of winners, it can be seen that the other races are underrepresented at the Oscars despite their involvement in many famous movies. It appears as though their presence in these movies goes unnoticed. There has been a public uproar against the Oscars for being racist in their nominations (Epstein n.p). Each year there arises a black actor that did quite a brilliant movie. But when it comes to awarding, some bogus white actor takes the Oscar home instead. People have been raising their complaints regarding this matter all over the internet. In 2016, Angela Bassett restated that the Oscars were not exciting anymore as their nominations did not include diverse races (Anderson n.p). There are roles in the films designated majorly for the white people that enabled them to win many Oscar awards as the lead actors.

            Various sectors of society in the United States are affected by racial stereotypes. The whites being the most people to have won the Oscar compared to other races is an indication of the discrimination in the awards nomination. Over the years, black people have been working tirelessly to secure a spot in the entertainment industry; however, these efforts have not been awarded adequately. Nominations at the Oscar depend on racial stereotypes and gender. As a result, there have been a backlash and uproar of the entertainment audience who are against injustice. Comprehensive steps should be adopted in addressing the racism issue at the Oscars.

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