Racial Disproportionately in the Juvenile Justice System


Racial Disproportionately in the Juvenile Justice System

Paper details:

Please write the theoretical framework and methodology section of my research proposal.

I have attached a copy of my literature review to support the writing of my theoretical and methodological sections of my proposal.

Topic: Racial Disproportionately in child welfare
Research Question: How is racial disproportionality and disparity impacting our youth of color in the juvenile justice system?

My research will focus on Juvenile justice reform to address the racial disproportionality and disparity that is impacting youth of color. Throughout this research my goal is to explore, how can racial disparities be reduced in the criminal justice system? Furthermore, we will explore programs that can ensure equitable treatment of youth in the juvenile justice system. To gain a better understanding of the issue, I would like to explore the contributing factors to racial disproportionality. E.g…. Mental health, Education, poverty. Although minority youth made up 49 percent to the state population aged 10-16, they constituted 66 percent of juveniles referred to court for delinquency offenses, and 73 percent of detained youth. Elaine Rodney, H., & Richard Tachia, H. (2004) These statistics are extremely concerning and must be addressed. My research will identify gaps in practice and areas in which we can eliminate disparities.
Please complete the following sections:

Theoretical Framework :
2 pages

1. What theoretical orientation guides the study?
2. What rationale justifies the use of this theoretical orientation?
3. How does the inclusion of the chosen theoretical orientation contribute to an understanding of the problem being investigated?
4. How will the theoretical orientation aid in the organization of the inquiry and the analysis of data?

I will be conducting a quantitative research:
Methodology section :

2 pages

1. How representative is your sample to the population?
2. What will be the N of your sample? Why?
3. Is the sample size adequate for purposes of the proposed statistical analysis?

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