questions concerning the Depression Case Study


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Please answer the following questions concerning the Depression Case Study (refer to “Depression Folder” under this week’s Moodle section):

1) What evidence do you hear that may be indicative of depression?

2) How can you assess Eugene’s baseline functional status?

3) What coping strategies does Eugene use?

4) Who are Eugene’s support system and how can they help him?

Your initial posting should incorporate at least two (2) of the following geriatric tools (also found under this week’s Moodle section titled “Depression Folder”):

1) SPICES- An Overall Assessment of Older Adults

2) Mental Status Assessment of Older Adults Mini Cog

3) Geriatric Depression Scale

4) Modified Caregiver Strain Index

5) Alcohol Use and Screening Assessment

Use APA format: citations and reference list when applicable.

There’s a video too, below is the link for it:

All course work is submitted turnitin!

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