Queen Elizabeth 1

Given the opportunity to have a brief conversation with anyone from history Queen Elizabeth the first would be the perfect icon to choose. She was the daughter of King Henry VVI and reign as queen since 1558 to 1603. What she was able to accomplish throughout her life is remarkable despite the tough challenges that she faced. Even though Elizabeth’s kingdom was vulnerable to internal division her courage, prudence and calmness went a long way in unifying the land against external antagonists. The adoration that was bestowed upon her lifetime was not just an impulsive effusion, but instead, it was earned through a carefully prepared campaign that was executed with brilliance through which Elizabeth was able to portray herself as the dazzling symbol of the kingdom’s destiny.

With Elizabeth I being born in a monarchy, she grew up in a perhaps tricky and complicated surrounding. Her mother was beheaded three years after giving birth to Elizabeth, on the orders of King Henry VII. The reason behind this judgment was questionable charges of treason and adultery. Therefore, Elizabeth did not have the motherly affection and support any normal girl child gets. However, this did not intimidate her in any way it made her bold and independent instead. The accusations that were imposed on her mother might have been posted as a challenge during her reign, and some countrymen doubted her for the same. It is likely that those who were threatening to divide her kingdom from within must have used Anne Boleyn’s allegations to convince people to oppose her. Nonetheless, Elizabeth still stood firm and overcame all these challenges.

A conversation with Queen Elizabeth I would be very amusing, some of the things to discuss with her would have to do with asking her the mechanism she used to select trustworthy advisors. Honorable and loyal advisors are essential for any leader as they are the ones who pre-determine whether one’s leadership will be successful or not. When Elizabeth took over power from her stepsister Mary, the kingdom was at war with France among other problems that Mary had stirred up. Elizabeth did not hesitate to take the crown in such a tensed up period neither did she start playing the blame games on her predecessor. Different religions had risen against each other fighting for superiority over the other. How Elizabeth swiftly addressed them matter and advocated for the passage of a tribunal that would re-establish the Church of England was quite a wise move.

Regarding the fight among Catholics and Protestants she came with the approach that in all religions there is only one Jesus Christ and because of that peace should prevail. How she arrived at such an eye-opening remark is another crucial point to include in a conversation with her. It seems as though Elizabeth was a religious lady who had an insightful revelation of what being a Christian entailed. Perhaps it was because of her faith that she was able to reign successfully for quite a long span of time. Conversing with Queen Elizabeth, I would give answers to some of these queries which most people who have ready her bibliography have.

In conclusion, it was outstanding how Elizabeth led her troop to war wearing armor motivating her army to fight to the best of their ability in one accord. She portrayed herself as a woman and a king at the same time (Levin 260).  Therefore choosing to have a conversation with such an iron lady is the best choice one can make.

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