Quality improvement plan for fall risk patients in nursing homes


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Quality improvement plan for fall risk patients in nursing homes

7. Is there a current baseline for this indicator?

Yes ________ No __________

(Remember that a baseline represents the actual current measure of the indicator. It is not what you want it to be or what you expect the process to produce. It is simply what the process currently produces.)

If yes, what is the time period from which the baseline is obtained? ____________________________________________________________________________

What is the actual baseline value? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

8. Is there a target or goal for this indicator?

Yes ________ No __________

If yes, is this target or goal:

Internally developed ­­­_______ or Externally required ________?

In either case, specify the actual values associated with the target or goal: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

9. Groups often get so involved with the data collection phase of indicator development that they forget to spend time discussing what they plan on doing with the data once they have collected it (i.e., develop an analysis plan). Initially, it might be useful to analyze the data with descriiptive statics to determine how closely the data reflect a normal distributions. This is particularly helpful if you have collected a sample and you are curious to have looked at measures of central tendency and measures of dispersion, you are ready to move on to control chart analysis.

What descriiptive statistics will you use?

Measure of Central Tendency Measures of Dispersion

_______ Mean _______ Minimum

_______ Median _______ Maximum

_______ Mode _______ Range

_______ Standard Deviation

Why did you select the measure(s) of central tendency and measure(s) of dispersion chart over the other possibilities?

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