Quality and safety in Healthcare

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Hi, Please answer to the following question BY WEDNESDAY, FEB 2nd, Then I’ll be able to send you another student’s post which needs your feedback by Friday

300-350 words to answer the main question and 150 words for the feedback

*Please make sure to use references and attached course materials and do your best because the professor is very strict and I got B- for the previous week’s post ….

“Have you used or seen control charts in your current or previous workplace? Identify one potential barrier to the use of control charts in the routine management of healthcare processes. How might this barrier be addressed?”

-Here is the general idea of this week:
This week the topic is data variation and control charts. Control charts are one of my favourite quality improvement tools, but are not nearly as popular as process maps, which is unfortunate! Why might that be? This week’s class discussion asks about your exposure to or use of control charts. I ask you to consider why they may not be routinely used and how we might mitigate barriers to use.

I guarantee you will never look at data the same way again after understanding statistical process control! The stories on slides 26-27 are particularly moving examples of the potential importance of control charts (and the importance of teamwork, culture, communication, and accountability).

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