Psychiatry Essay



Paper details:

Instructions: Discussion should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.

1-Remember to answer these questions from clinical guidelines to create your evidence based treatment plan. At all times, explain your answers.

1. Summarize the clinical case.
2. Create a list of the patient’s problems and prioritize them.
3. Which pharmacological treatment would you prescribe? Include the rationale for this treatment.
4. Which non-pharmacological treatment would you prescribe? Include the rationale for this treatment.
5. Include an assessment of treatment’s appropriateness, cost, effectiveness, safety, and potential for patient adherence.

Texbook: Sinacola, R. S., Peters-Strickland, T., & Wyner, J. D. (2019).

Case scenario:
Beth is a 23-year-old Asian American graduate student. She is currently in treatment with a psychologist for anxiety. She claims that her cognitive therapy has helped her control her worry and anxiety, but she has noticed that her symptoms have worsened this year with all of the pressures of school. In addition to worry, her mind races at night when she tries to sleep, and she claims it may often take her two to three hours to finally fall asleep. She describes herself as a “type A” person who is rather “anal” about doing well. She worries nonstop about grades but also worries nonstop about her health, money, her parents’ health, and world affairs. She is very insightful about her condition and agrees the worry is excessive and unwanted. She admits that there is really no basis for the worry, as she has a full scholarship, she and her parents are in good health, and she currently has a 3.9 GPA. She claims that she has always been rather tense, but it didn’t get to the point that she sought treatment until her senior year in college. She was worried about getting accepted to grad school and “obsessed” over getting straight A’s. She sought the help of a psychologist at the university counseling service, was placed on Paxil, and began therapy. For the most part, her symptoms disappeared, but she remembers feeling tired during the day.

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