Providing a thorough synthesis of Alexander’s argument in The New Jim Crow

Paper details:

Your paper will begin by providing a thorough synthesis of Alexander’s argument. Why does she make the use the analogy of Jim Crow segregation? What evidence does she provide to make her case? What role does she say that media plays in framing our understanding of the problem?

After summarizing her argument, you will provide an evaluation/critique of her claims. One of major line of critique is that we are currently moving toward a post racialized justice system that focuses more on class inequality. The documentary, The House I Live In, does an excellent job of illustrating this shift, and you are encouraged to watch it to help with the paper. Use this line of critique as a jumping off point to conduct research evaluating the argument.

Please finish to read instructions under files that have been uploaded. You need six sources, five of which need to be academic.

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