Prospectus Form: Research Question(s) and Hypothesis Section


Prospectus Form: Research Question(s) and Hypothesis Section

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This week you will be completing the Research Question(s) and Hypothesis (if applicable) section of the Prospectus Form. For the Research Question(s) section, you will list the question(s) that will be used to address the research problem. Your questions must align with your study purpose and include the dependent and independent variables and how they will be examined.
To Prepare for this Assignment:
Review the Research Question(s) you drafted in Week 7
Review the feedback provided to you by your instructor and colleagues

Research Problem

​Worker burnout is a multi-faceted effect in the healthcare system. Thus, dealing with coronavirus patients is not necessarily the only reason for the surge in worker burnout. It could be argued that the effects only recently permeated, yet they were pervasive for years. Thus, the endeavor to ascertain the recent surge in worker burnout must hold all other factors constant (Creswell, & Creswell 2017). To ensure this, then specific research questions must be poised to guide the study design. The research questions and justification for the research questions are posed below:

Research Questions

The research questions for the study endeavor will be as follows:

1. How has workforce burnout evolved with the emergence of the coronavirus?
2. What healthcare policies have been enacted since the emergence of the novel coronavirus?
The research questions enacted to ascertain the implications of the novel coronavirus to workforce burnout effectively provide a subjective perspective of the workload posed by coronavirus patients. By evaluating the statistical trends of workforce burnout since the emergence of the novel coronavirus, it is possible to conceptualize the implications of the virus on the ability of medics to attend to patients(Rudestam, & Newton 2014). On the other hand, evaluating the healthcare policies enacted to address the virus will give a perspective of the tasks imposed on medical professionals due to the virus.

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