Project: Network Design and Plan

Paper details:

For this part of the project, perform the following tasks:
1. Conduct research to determine the best network design to ensure security of internal access
while retaining public website availability.
2. Design a network configuration with physical and logical topologies. Identify major network
elements (e.g., servers, switches, gateways) and their locations within the private and protected
network segments.
3. Include a high-level plan that ensures communications are available 24/7.
4. Recommend whether to continue using IPv4 or upgrade to IPv6, and explain why.
5. Create a basic network diagram that illustrates the current network and enhancements. Include a
few workstations to represent all workstations on the internal network. The diagram will be very
high level at this stage and include only necessary details. You may use a software tool or simply
pencil and paper. You will update this design later in the project.
6. Create a draft report detailing all information as supportive documentation.
7. Cite sources, where appropriate

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