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This is a very important and high level-skilled paper. There are 4 documents attached. I will explain what each paper will be used for but the most important thing is that the paper is done with detailed work. The main idea is that this paper is a profile writing assignment about a company that is applying to get invested by “Endeavor” which is a organization that supports entrepreneurs, so the paper is written from the Endeavor’s point of view about the company. Please see the overview of the organization here: The example company that the profile is going to be written on is called: Aerobotics, an agtech company from South Africa. I’m attaching all the resources you need to write the paper of the profile on the example company Aerobotics

These are the attachments and what they are:

First page Template– This is the writing structure template for the paper; essentially the “science” behind the paper narrative;

Aerobotics full profile – The company’s final profile, without the first page. You can draw from information throughout the profile and online to create the first page of the profile. Please note that all financial data is altered due to confidentiality

Call notes– notes from calls with the entrepreneur to get additional info on the company to complete the profile

Other redacted first page – An example of a final first page, which follows this format.

So basically the task is to write the first page of the profile, you can see how the example is just to get an idea, please feel free to contact me with any questions other than that this is like I mentioned very crucial for me so I need extra care please.

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