Product Scope draft brief “A380 Experience”

Paper details:

Dear Writer,

I have attached an example for you on some airline art that my professor had put all together a product scope as if we are submitting it to the owners from an as an airline perspective to partner up so they can see the brief and consider it a partnership with an airline.

Use the example i have attached which i have done recently to help you put the new product scope for the new product.

The new product will be “Emirates Airlines A380 Experience”

attached are the follows:
1) Example of a product scope submission a draft brief I put together for airlinerart recently with Etihad Airlines
2) Template of the product scope brief you will be working on.

Below information that would help:-
The primary reason for wanting to promote the A380 experience through Emirates Skywards Exclusives is to provide our members with a new way to spend their Miles and also ensure Skywards Exclusives has relevant and available content throughout the year, especially whilst live events are not guaranteed.

Assuming with regards to costs, that the internal charge back rate to Skywards would be done at the 20% discounted rate (applicable to EK Staff/Gold/Platinum members). With this in mind, we would make a profit on Blue / Silver member bookings.

Redemptions would be done in Miles only. THE WEBSITE TO FIND EVERYTHING THAT CAN HELP YOU.

Objective for Writer:

Please put a product scope draft brief as i have done in the example but this time the product will be A380 experience and the airline will be Emirates Airlines Skywards Exclusives loyalty programme. to promote this product as a product offer for the Emirates Airlines skywards members to buy their ticket for the simulator and etc. with the miles.

please do your best see how i did the previous example and put a new one with the new product and the new Airline. thank you.

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