Process Recording

Paper details:

Build effective client-practitioner relationships through person-centered intervention and advocacy.
Negotiating, mediating, and advocating with and on behalf of diverse clients and constituencies
Facilitating effective transitions and endings that advance mutually agreed-on goals

Setting – Describe place (office, classroom, playground, home, etc.)
Background of person in client status. Include general demographic and relevant information without disclosing identity
Purpose of interaction or interview
Transcriipt of Client Exchange
Transcribe up to 15 minutes of a client interaction. It is best to do so soon after the actual interview to be as precise as possible. Follow the format provided on the Process Recording form.
Included verbal and non-verbal communication as much as possible.
Summary of Client Exchange
Summarize parts not included in the transcriiption.
Evaluation and Impressions (1.5 – 2 pages minimum)
What was your overall impression of the interview?
Were goals and objectives achieved?
In thinking about the knowledge and skills, were there areas (in retrospect) where they could have been applied, but weren’t? Expand on issues identified in the analysis section that identify the skill(s) that was applied.
What would you have done differently and where?
Please ensure the following information

Introduction-comprehensively provides introduction information, including all relevant aspects.

Transcriipt of Client Exchange- comprehensively provides a transcriipt of client interaction, inclusive of all relevant aspects.

Summary of Client Exchange- comprehensively summarized the client exchange.

Evaluation and Impression- comprehensively provides a self-evaluation, including all 4 elements – overall impression, goal achievement, skills analysis, and reflection.

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