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Problem Statement & Proposed Planning Model Assignment:
Once a health problem/issue had been identified,(I have three health issues that have been identified and of which you may select only one two furthermore build a problem statement and propose planning model) and the need for a program to address the problem/issue is determined, a Problem Statement needs to be developed. Steps in identifying a problem is to examine the epidemiologic data, examine the literature, determine which factors are active in the community, and determine the most effective points in the causal pathways for intervention. The three main health topics of special interest are the impact of physical activity on health, tobacco use and its effect on personal health, and obesity prevalence rates and containment measures. (only pick one from the topics mentioned to develop this paper on)
Specific Guidelines:
• Problem Statement: The problem statement begins with a concise explanation of the issue that needs to be addressed and will include why it is a problem and why it should be dealt with. Explain the desired outcome and the rationale for the health program.
• Planning Model: Select a Planning Model (Chapter 3) and explain why you think it is the best model to use for your program.
• Content/Subject: Your paper will present a developed problem statement related to the health issue you have identified and describe which Planning Model (I have attached a powerpoint that shows you types of program planning models please be sure to select from the ppt only for the model type) you will use for your Proposal.

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