Presentation Paper #1

Paper details:

So far in this course, you have learned about drug use vs. abuse and the history of drug legislation. Presentation #1 will be a recorded discussion between myself and Pete Nielson. Presenters are chosen based on their expertise on particular content related to this course. Pete is the CEO of the California Consortium of Addiction Programs and Professionals (CCAPP). CCAPP is the largest legislative advocacy organization for addiction relation issues in CA and the largest Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certifying Organization. Pete and I will recap some of the major historical points of drug legislation, how it has led to current discriminatory practices and mass incarceration and how some of the historical attitudes toward substance use are still with us today. We will discuss current CA and U.S. legislative efforts on the topic of substance misuse. You will find a link to a video recording in this weeks module.

Presentation Paper #1 Instructions

Students will be required to provide a critique and report on two (2) pre-recorded presentations/interviews in this course. This paper will be for Presentation #1.

Minimum Paper Requirements:

The body of this paper must be a minimum of two (2) but not more than three (3) typed pages.
The paper must be double spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides of the paper and only use a standard 12-point font.
The body of the paper must be clearly demarcated with sub-headings (you can use the subheadings below).
This assignment requires use of one reference from the course texts, relevant materials included in Canvas, or other academic source. The source must be cited in-text and on the reference page using APA style formatting.
The paper must include a cover page and reference page (minimum of 4 pages, maximum of 5 pages total with cover and reference pages). Cover page must include the following information: student’s name, title of assignment, name of the course, day and time of the class, instructor’s name, and the due date of the assignment.
Your grade on this assignment will be based on organization, content, presentation, format, spelling, grammar, punctuation.
Required Assignment Structure/Content/Point Distribution

1. Summary of Key Aspects of the Presentation/Interview – 10 Points

Students are required to provide a synopsis of the presenter and the presentation content including:

Presenters name
Occupation title
Current occupation
Life experience (if provided)
Experience working in their area of expertise
Key elements of the discussion topic(s).
2. Relevance of the Presentation/Interview to the Course Content – 10 Points

The paper must also include:

Discussion of the relevance of the presentation/interview to the course content.
Cited reference of at least one source that either aligned with or was in opposition of the presentation/interview content. This be the assigned text(s), assigned readings/videos, or other academic source.
Students opinion on portions of the presentation/interview that were impactful for them or on portions they agree or disagreed with (all points of view are welcome if they are relevant to the presentation).
3. Format: 5 Points

Grammar, spelling, punctuation is correct
References cited correctly and on reference page
Overall organizational
All minimum requirements must be met otherwise the assignment will automatically be eligible to receive only up to half-credit.

APA In-text Citations

APA Style Citation – Reference Page

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