Post Covid-19 Environment for Adoption of Hybrid Work Solution

Paper details:

I work in an oil and gas industry and when we had covid, work has moved to work from home where all enablers were facilitated to make it work. however, we started to remove covid restrictions. the company decided to move 100 % to work from office. however since it had worked successfully we would like to adopt hybrid solutions to the organisation. Especially, we have mothers, people with chronic diseases, pregnant women and many other cases. we want to adapt this solution not an alternative to work from office but to make life easy and allow the organisation to become more resilient.

I would like to conduct a survey to a group of people, to the management, to test the water in adapting this solution

I need a survey so I can share with you the findings

I will share the proposal that I have shared with my supervisor
I will also share the rubric and the guideline that you need to follow for the structure of the report.

the report should be a research work based on real life problem and not academic

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