Positive Psychology in Practice

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Please write a ‘case study report’ in which you critically explore the potential challenges associated with applying a positive psychology intervention in an educational context.

Idea pitched to my module leader that you may want to run with…
Our primary school recently closed its site after 13 years of running very successfully. We have now merged with our sister school which was has been open for only 5 years (its a through school Academy so the school had a small cohort from FS1 to sixth form. When we brought over 1000 primary students we increased the school capacity by 150% – great for corporation profits),
This has had an impact on staff wellbeing and mental health particularly at the start – people lost their roles, some teachers and TA’s were made redundant or moved to another school with the organisation. Some staff found it very difficult. I was previously Head of Primary PE and now the new school has a Director of Sport and and Head of whole school PE. My role has been made redundant essentially. I now work as the Primary PE ‘co-ordinator’ with very little responsibilty compared to my previous school which I also took charge of the staff Wellbeing and co-led on Wellbeing weeks for the whole school.

I hope this gives you some context for the assignment. Please let me know if you need any more details.

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