Position Paper

Paper details:

The purpose of the position papers is to engage you in critical thinking by using the ideas and information in the readings, videos and other class materials and create a coherent argument of your choosing. Each position paper is to be 4-5 double-spaced pages. Select one work issue mentioned or related to those mentioned in this class. Develop a position about what the government should do to solve the particular problem or issue and write it down in the form of a thesis. For example, one position/thesis could be “The US Government should reverse trade policy and start protecting local industries”. A more specific thesis could be “The US government should have more protectionist policies for the coal industry.” Either general or specific positions/theses are accepted, but the more general ones tend to be more difficult to support. If you have selected an issue from outside the US, make it clear which government (US or local) should be responsible for the action you are advocating.

The paper should use at least 4 different materials from the class content (readings, videos, presentations, etc.) and 4 additional materials from new research, for a total of AT LEAST 8 sources. The external materials can be data to show the importance/relevance of your problem, recommendations from NGOs, previous government policies, among other relevant materials.

The report should include all elements of a good paper, including an introduction, which should include a thesis and the specific structure or elements of the report, and a conclusion. Your position should be stated in a clear thesis statement than then should be supported with evidence from class materials and additional research. A position paper also requires some form or anti-thesis or counterargument accompanied with supporting evidence. The anti-thesis or counterargument should be disproved or minimized to show how your position is really the best. The antithesis usually questions the strategy you are advocating, explores unintended consequences or points out how it may affect certain groups negatively. Finally, remember that there are many ways to use the class materials. For example, you may disagree with any particular reading or content and use them as a way to show the opposite of your point. You can also use your research on labor laws if you think it would be useful.

You will submit two versions of this assignment. First, a COMPLETE DRAFT that will be graded. After receiving feedback, you will revise your paper and submit it as a final assignment.

Make sure to upload the paper as a Microsoft Word file in the Dropbox and in the Discussion before the Deadline. The assignment is not considered submitted until it appears in both places.

Citing Lectures

Author. Year. The name or title of the lecture (in italics). Personal Collection of (the lecturer’s name), school or organization they teach for, city, state.

For example:

Berliner, A. 1959. Lecture on Reminiscences of Wundt and Leipsig. Personal Collection of A. Berliner, University of Akron, Akron OH.

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