Policy monitoring

Policy monitoring is the systematic process of gathering information to ensure a policy plan adherence, proper management of funds and objective achievements. Evaluation specifically focuses on the realization of results. The use of monitoring and evaluation policies is key in enhancing accountability, managing interventions and improving practices. However, implementation of these policies face challenges some of which are inevitable and some preventable. This essay discusses the tools that make monitoring and evaluation policies compatible.

To begin with, when using evidence and advice to influence monitoring and evaluation process; monitoring research reports, academic articles, websites and policy briefs would produce data relating to outputs for instance. Evaluation of uptake and use involves assessing the use of advice by outsiders for example appearance in newspaper and citation in government policy paper. Collection of data from comments and examples available in uptake logs and citation analysis from journals, international standards, policy documents and training manuals provides a reliable uptake and use data. Also, conduction of surveys on the target audience would be appropriate to indicate the quality and credibility of the evidence (Jones, 2011).

Monitoring and evaluation of public campaigns and advocacy enhances their compatibility since the connection between media coverage and the target attitude can be determined. Exposure and framing and analysis provide a direction on the target exposure to campaign and issue presentation. Also, lobbying the target audience through meetings and interviews would provide useful information regarding their interest, ideologies and their personal history, such information would facilitate influencing monitoring and evaluation policies with ease (Jones, 2011). For example, a new company that seeks to promote its brand and compete favorably in the market without loses should first study the target patterns, spot complaints on the existing brand from journals, newspapers, surveys or social media to produce a better brand. The company should also advertise the brands in the television and radio and organize meetings to lure consumers to shift to the brand.

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